Jazzy Bar and Cafe Sydney | LOCKDOWN MENU
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The girl from Ipanema $14(Veg & Nuts)

In- house made granola with fresh seasonal fruits, coconut flakes , natural set yoghurt with date molasses

Home loan $15(Veg)

5 grains, sourdough, fig & raisin, rye GF

Sliced avocado, feta, black sesame with citrus+ chili oil on sourdough bread 


Classic Bacon and Egg Roll $8.50

(BBQ, Tomato or Aioli sauce)

Chef’s roll $10.50

Bacon, eggs, cheese, rocket, roast capsicum & eggplant relish

Vegetarian roll $10.50

Egg, avocado, haloumi, rocket


Choice of: five grains, white sourdough, rye, GF


Haloumi / roast pepper and eggplant relish / tarragon/ rocket  (Veg)   

Grilled zucchini & eggplant / olive tapenade / tomato / rocket (Veg & V)  

Mozzarella / tomato / baby spinach (Veg)   

Pastrami / tasty cheese / sauerkraut / honey champagne mustard / horseradish, dill cucumber  

Smoked salmon / cream cheese / baby spinach / baby capers  

 Grilled free- range chicken / aioli, house made chili sauce / lettuce / tomato   

All I Ever need (2 slices) $8

5 grains, white sourdough, fig & raisin, rye, GF

Butter(plain ,cinnamon, rose),jam, tahini, vegemite, honey 

100%natural almond spread 

Brekkie Bowl  $15

5 grains, sourdough, fig & raisin, rye GF

Bacon, avocado, mini omelette on toast

Wraps Your Troubles in Dreams $9.50

-Mushrooms, scrambled eggs, cheese, roast capsicum and eggplant relish wrap

-Bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, aioli wrap

-Free range chicken, avocado, aioli wrap


Savory in house made Waffle $15

Bacon, egg, tasty cheese served with our smoky tomato relish


Haloumi and egg served with our smoky tomato relish


Classic ham & cheese Croffle $12

Mini waffles with golden syrup $10

ONE LAST DANCE (Add to any of your dishes)

sautéed spinach  $ 3

mushroom   avocado   haloumi   feta    2 free range eggs  $4 each

pastrami   bacon   smoked salmon    free range chicken   chorizo   $5 each


Hot vegetable soup of the day with herb bread $10

Winter vegetable Stew with herb bread – Chef’s Daily Special $15

Beef Moussaka $18.50

Spicy free range chicken green curry with jasmine rice $16

Chicken  cous cous Salad Bowl  $15